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Virtual Collaboration Workspace

The VA for Vets Virtual Collaboration Workspace provides a Web-based virtual environment that is available 24 hours a day/7 days a week for Veterans and Military Service Members to engage directly with Regional Veteran Employment Coordinators (RVECs), Veteran Representatives (Vet Reps), and Coaches. The VA for Vets Virtual Collaboration Workspace includes My Virtual Collaboration Room and the Virtual Training and Resource Center.  Learn more about how each tool can support your needs below.

My Virtual Collaboration Room

My Virtual Collaboration Room offers a personal, online work space for VA for Vets account holders to use for private meetings and collaboration with coaches, supervisors, coworkers, RVECs, or HR professionals:
  • Military Service Members and transitioning Service Members may meet with deployment and deployment lifecycle coaches, supervisors, coworkers, HR professionals and other VA personnel to receive assistance related to the deployment lifecycle. 
  • Veteran job seekers may meet with professional career coaches and RVECs to receive support building a resume, searching and applying for jobs, or preparing for interviews. 
  • VA employees may invite other VA employees to their private meeting rooms to conduct virtual meetings. 
  • All users may invite other VA employees, HR professionals, RVECs, and colleagues to their private meeting room.
My Virtual Collaboration Room provides all the benefits of an in-person meeting, yet it allows users to be anywhere in the world, sharing one online space. In their private rooms, users can display and edit documents together, communicate using (voice or text chat), browse websites, and use the whiteboard to create to-do lists or map strategies with their coach. Users’ displayed items are saved from session to session until removed by the user.

The personal meeting space is automatically created when a user registers for a VA for Vets account and accesses the Virtual Collaboration Workspace for the first time. The personal meeting space is tied to the VA for Vets account and is only accessible to the user and the participants a user invites.  

Virtual Collaboration Room.JPG 
Virtual Training and Resource Center
The Virtual Training and Resource Center provides opportunities for users to engage with Veteran employment professionals and other VA for Vets users. In the Virtual Training and Resource Center, users can do the following tasks:

  • Chat with a Vet Rep, who can provide a VA for Vets program overview and demonstrate Virtual Training and Resource Center and Career Center features. The Vet Rep can also provide a needs-assessment, conduct a pre-coaching session orientation, and schedule a coaching session. Vet Reps are available 24/7 in the Virtual Training and Resource Center.
  • Meet with an RVEC to learn more about the VA hiring process and receive guidance about finding non-competitive jobs, completing federal job applications, and preparing for interviews. 
  • Attend live or on-demand training webinars. VA for Vets will provide live, interactive virtual training. Check back soon for additional training resources.
  • Download helpful materials related to the deployment lifecycle, job search and federal application process.